Category: philosophy

The Differents

Compelled by the minimalist images
Enmeshed in the nature of nature
Could I be any different?

Is there any other source?
And yet – how are your
Words so different?

Gratitude for Pigeons

I watch the flight of a flock of pigeons from my window this morning. As I sip my cappuccino and write in my journal, I know they are my spirit guides. What do these scavengers of the city teach me?

Another Synchronicity

Last weekend I facilitated a Constellation workshop in New York City. No matter how many times I do this, I am always moved, touched, and ultimately awed by the divine grace that manifests in these sacred events. This occasion was no exception.

A Paradigm Shift

Last weekend I facilitated my regular monthly Constellation workshop. I always begin these workshops with a short talk that sets an intention for our work on that day.

On Memory and Redemption

The following quote is ascribed to The Ba’al Shem Tov, (1698-1770), mystical Rabbi and the founder of Chasidic Jewry.  “The desire to forget prolongs exile; the secret of redemption is memory”.

On Suffering, Pierre Garcon, and Family Constellations

The Buddhists believe that if any sentient soul suffers, we all suffer. In our common belief, however, our illusion is that we are unique discrete individuals. We believe that we each have our own destiny, our own karma, and that we reap what we sow.