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The Differents

Compelled by the minimalist images
Enmeshed in the nature of nature
Could I be any different?
Is there any other source?
And yet – how are your
Words so different?
If I take a breath
Would the outcome

Be irrevocably changed?

Gratitude for Pigeons

I watch the flight of a flock of pigeons from my window this morning. As I sip my cappuccino and write in my journal, I know they are my spirit guides. What do these scavengers of the city teach me? Their graceful flight reminds me that it’s not just the goal of getting “there”, but… Continue Reading

Another Synchronicity

Last weekend I facilitated a Constellation workshop in New York City. No matter how many times I do this, I am always moved, touched, and ultimately awed by the divine grace that manifests in these sacred events. This occasion was no exception. A week prior, I had received a phone call from a young man… Continue Reading

A Paradigm Shift

Last weekend I facilitated my regular monthly Constellation workshop. I always begin these workshops with a short talk that sets an intention for our work on that day. I trust that these themes are being constellated in our shared field as each of us prepares for the work ahead. And so, I trust the synchronicities… Continue Reading

“There is nothing to fix but there are many things to honor”

“There is nothing to fix but there are many things to honor.” My colleague Francesca Mason Boring wrote these words describing her approach to the Family Constellation work. I have been reflecting upon this statement and to me it synthesizes the message that Bert Hellinger gave us in the following words: “The simplest and deepest… Continue Reading

Harlan: In The Shadow Of The Jew Suss

I have just seen a most extraordinary film! It is “Harlan: In The Shadow Of The Jew Suss”.  Veit Harlan was, arguably, the definitive filmmaker of the Nazi era. His anti-semetic film, “Jew Suss”, as mandated by Joseph Goebbels, became a must-see for all loyal Germans and fueled the Nazi propaganda machine. As described by Film… Continue Reading