A Paradigm Shift

Last weekend I facilitated my regular monthly Constellation workshop. I always begin these workshops with a short talk that sets an intention for our work on that day. I trust that these themes are being constellated in our shared field as each of us prepares for the work ahead. And so, I trust the synchronicities that reveal themselves when planning my talk.
Last Friday evening, before Saturday’s workshop, I attended a performance of the Paradigm Shift Ballet Company. Paradigm’s rehearsal space is the home of our workshop meetings and I feel that the energy of this company somehow informs and infuses the work that we do in our groups. In their moving performance on Friday evening, I did experience a shift, an energetic one of more aliveness and connection to body and connection to spirit.
Later that evening, when at home, I happened to hear an interview with Gabrielle Hamilton, chef and owner of Prune Restaurant. In this interview, she spoke of her life and the peace she had made with the shifting equilibriums required of her as a woman, mother, wife, chef and business owner. I made note of this observation and reflected upon the sense of equilibrium and its inherent duality. The word “equilibrium” seems to imply a static quality. And yet, is anything in life really static?
Hmmmmm, “paradigm shift”, “shifting equilibrium”, what is the deeper meaning here for me, for our group?
The next morning, I happened upon a line of dialogue from Tom Stoppard’s play, “The Real Thing”. “Happiness is equilibrium…shift your weight”. Finally, the theme for our workshop revealed itself to me. Our purpose on Saturday was to be to use the Constellation process to view our issues from a different vantage point, to shift our attention, to move more nimbly through our own processes, to shift our weight.
In fact, this is exactly what happened in our group. Each constellation revolved around the seeker’s need and desire for more manifestation in life. And each solution demanded a movement, a shift, a change in perspective. Each of us in this group was presented with the opportunity to shift our weight in the dance of our life, to move with the flow of love into a place of greater peace, contentment and, dare I say it, happiness!