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Integrative Therapy

Integrative Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that works with the whole person to further health, well-being and soul centered development. Integrative Therapy utilizes psychodynamic and relational psychotherapy, Process Acupressure (PA), and Systemic and Family Constellation Therapy (SFCT) as foundational approaches and incorporates other tools where appropriate. PA combines bodywork with psycho-spiritual process work to progress wholeness and growth – in mind, emotions and spirit. SFCT helps to identify and resolve those forces in our ancestral “field” which entangle us in the past. Integrative Therapy may incorporate other subtle energy modalities such as Chakra Attunement, Cranio Sacral Therapy and Flower Essences as well as journaling, guided imagery and affirmations.

Integrative Therapy promotes better health and renewed energy by actively involving you in your own healing and growth process. You will experience greater awareness, personal empowerment and self-actualization.

The clients drawn to Integrative Therapy are in various stages of transformation and are seeking additional tools to support their process. Many clients are experiencing a spiritual crisis and have lost touch with and faith in their inner and/or higher guidance. Others may be “stuck” in old patterns that no longer serve them. Our work together provides a safe space to explore and release entanglements, limitations and blockages in order to experience their inner truth. Some clients may be physically, mentally and/or emotionally challenged by illness or injury. In our work we decode the messages inherent in their symptomology to broaden the scope of their healthcare choices.
Our work together will be of limited duration because you will gain the necessary tools to release your blockages, balance and integrate your energies and tap into your soul’s guidance.

A typical complete Integrative Therapy session lasts 50 minutes and may consist of dialogue, systemic processing, hand-on energy work, and movement. All hands-on work is performed fully clothed on a massage table.

About the Modalities

Process Acupressure

Process Acupressure, as created by Aminah Raheem, Ph.D., is taught and certified through the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners(Upledger Institute).

The bodywork component of PA blends traditional acupressure and Zero Balancing in a process approach to energy. PA uses finger pressure to stimulate the “acupoints” on the body’s surface thereby strengthening, releasing and balancing the body’s energy systems – meridiens and chakras, bone, organs, and glands are studied within the integrating context of these energies.

Psychospiritual process skills of PA are derived from spiritual practice and in part from Dr. Arnold Mindell’s Process Oriented Psychology. They are aimed at helping people consciously reclaim their purpose, power and self-reliant direction.

Sytemic and Family Constellation Therapy

Based on the work of innovative German psychotherapist and philosopher Bert Hellinger, this is a provocative tool for uncovering deeply embedded forces in the personal, professional and family ancestral systems. The Systemic and Family Constellation Approach demonstrate how events that occurred in past generations impact our life experience today. Hidden systemic and/or family dynamics create disharmony in the “field”. These forces, when brought to light, can then be harnessed for reconciliation and healing. Click here for more information.

Chakra Attunement

Chakra Attunement

Chakra Attunement uses the same finger pressure as PA on the Chakra (personal power and energy) centers. We work from root to crown to cleanse, clarify, align and center energies with your highest vibration. A deep state of relaxation ensues and awareness and connection to inner guidance is facilitated.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on technique that enhances the craniosacral system, the area in which the brain and spinal cord function. Using a light touch, CST helps to improve the functioning of the central nervous system, eliminate the negative effects of stress, strengthen resistance to disease, and enhance overall health.

Flower Remedies

Flower Essences are non-toxic essences homeopathically prepared from the flowers of nonpoisonous plants, bushes and trees to harmonize mental and emotional states. Flower Essences gently correct the emotional upsets that give rise to physical symptoms or delay recovery from illness, thus facilitating a natural state of health and well being. The essences are safe and gentle for adults, children and pets.

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