Family Constellations, Counseling & Psychotherapy

Our Services

Often, serious life issues such as major health problems, mental illnesses, career changes, and relationship difficulties take their toll on us and on our families. I have the training, experience and dedication required to help individuals, couples and/or families to navigate through these challenges.

I am a professional psychotherapist, based in Midtown NYC and The Hamptons, and am here to help you work through these challenges and gain the necessary tools to live a more authentic life. We work together to recapture your self-empowerment and inner authority. My unique approach is always soul-guided, and we may use relational Psychotherapy, Process Acupressure, Body Psychotherapy, Spiritual Psychotherapy, Family Constellations and other holistic approaches to reach your goals.

We work in a field of mutual respect, and in this respectful relationship, your innate grace and dignity is restored and honored.

I also offer my services as an Ordained Interfaith Minister in NYC and The Hamptons. I would be blessed to collaborate with you on creating heart-felt events and rituals honoring the most important transitions in life; weddings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies, baby-namings, home blessings, and memorial services. Together we create spiritual ceremonies honoring your deepest beliefs.

For more information about psychotherapy, counseling and Ministerial services , or for a free telephone consultation, contact me today.

With love and blessings,