Harlan: In The Shadow Of The Jew Suss

I have just seen a most extraordinary film! It is “Harlan: In The Shadow Of The Jew Suss”. 

Veit Harlan was, arguably, the definitive filmmaker of the Nazi era. His anti-semetic film, “Jew Suss”, as mandated by Joseph Goebbels, became a must-see for all loyal Germans and fueled the Nazi propaganda machine. 

As described by Film Forum in NYC, where the film is currently playing “With never-before-seen archival footage, unearthed film excerpts, rare home movies and new interviews, Harlan – In the Shadow of ‘Jew Süss’ is indeed a searing portrait of the controversial filmmaker and an eye-opening examination of World more »War II film history. But it also shows how Veit Harlan’s family-especially the youngest generation-struggles even today with the dark myth of his artistic immorality. It’s the story of a German family from the Third Reich to the present, one that is marked by reckoning, denial and liberation.”  As such, for me, it is a clear and definitive statement of the principles of the Family Constellation work, as created by Bert Hellinger.

If you would like to understand transgenerational dynamics and how patterns of guilt, perpetration, victimhood and compensation are played out in the family field, this is a movie for you to see.  I look forward to hearing your response!