Premarital Therapy & Couples Counseling in Sag Harbor, NY

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Wedding Therapy

As a therapist, family counselor and Interfaith Minister, I have long been aware that many couples approaching marriage are woefully unprepared for this extraordinary life transition. Wedding planners will provide you with help in the material process, but few resources are available to explore and resolve the emotional and relational issues that arise when approaching this life-altering event.

Wedding Therapy is a series of one-on-one sessions that will help you to envision and create your wedding and marriage. Wedding Therapy will help you to identify and eliminate self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that prevent you from manifesting your happiness. Your personal voyage will be an exciting exploration that may include hands-on energy work, systemic and/or family constellations, guided imagery, flower essences, journaling and affirmations. Our final meeting might be a subtle energy acupressure session prior to the ceremony that will align and attune your chakras so that you can be fully awake and aware for your special day!

Couples Counseling

I believe that our love relationships are the most powerful mirror to reflect back to us the condition of our psyches. Love provides us with the courage to face our faults, weaknesses and misapprehensions and creates the impetus for us to evolve, transform and grow.

In my work with couples, we begin in the present to explore the breaches that may have developed in your love connection. We then trace back to find and heal the original wounds that are inhibiting the flow of love in your life. Our work together fosters intimacy, communication, empathy, and most importantly, mutual respect. Whatever the outcome, honesty and self-growth are the gifts of our efforts.

Our Services

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy is a short-term psycho-therapeutic approach to working with couples. EFT is an empirically supported humanistic treatment that arose out of emotion and attachment theory. In our work together, we will develop tools for compassion, intimacy and attunement. Click here for more information.

Systemic and Family Constellation Therapy

Based on the work of innovative German psychotherapist and philosopher Bert Hellinger, this is a provocative tool for uncovering deeply embedded forces in the personal, professional and family ancestral systems. Systemic and Family Constellations demonstrate how events that occurred in past generations impact our life experience today. Hidden systemic and/or family dynamics create disharmony in the “field”. These forces, when brought to light, can then be harnessed for reconciliation and healing. Click here for more information.

Chakra Attunement

Chakra Attunement uses the same finger pressure as PA on the Chakra (personal power and energy) centers. We work from root to crown to cleanse, clarify, align and center energies with your highest vibration. A deep state of relaxation ensues and awareness and connection to inner guidance is facilitated.

Flower Remedies

Flower Essences are non-toxic essences homeopathically prepared from the flowers of nonpoisonous plants, bushes and trees to harmonize mental and emotional states. Flower Essences gently correct the emotional upsets that give rise to physical symptoms or delay recovery from illness, thus facilitating a natural state of health and well being. The essences are safe and gentle for adults, children and pets.

Process Acupressure

Process Acupressure, as created by Aminah Raheem, Ph.D., is a gentle hands-on technique that works with the whole person to further health, well-being and soul-centered development.

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