Two diamonds

Last week I officiated at the wedding of two dear and special people. We had originally met shortly over a year ago as she came to me seeking understanding and guidance concerning her relationship with this man. Together, she and I worked, and, sometimes, they visited together as a couple, to work through their relationship challenges. Two somewhat rough, partially unpolished diamonds had met. Slowly and carefully, they utilized the friction between them to polish their two unique and perfect stones. Each polished facet revealed another glowing aspect of the others beauty.

Now, by virtue of the powers granted to me by the State of New York, they have been joined in marriage. Their polishing and refinement continues. Perhaps it has only just begun. The past is contained in the present and each moment is totally new. And yet the beauty of their efforts and creation exists for us all to celebrate.

We share one another’s narratives. Our story has meaning to others, and others’ have meaning for us. We are not islands, but are so interconnected. Strands of life, love, hope and inspiration entangle us. Let all of our cumulative prayers create a
harmonious force for the future we are building together. And may we continue to help one another to polish our rough edges to reveal our inherent, exquisite beauty!