On Love, Death, Healing and Constellations

My dear friend Lilli Cunningham succumbed to death on Friday, after a 2 year journey with cancer. Lilli and I first met in November, 2009, when she and her husband Bill attended a Systemic and Family Constellation workshop that I facilitated in Miami, Florida. The issue that Lilli presented at that time was her cancer, which had been diagnosed earlier in that year. Our constellation revealed a familial trauma which potentially could be linked to this energetic imbalance in Lilli’s body. With great love and respect, we approached and worked with this issue in Lilli’s system. Despite our efforts, hopes, and prayers, Lilli’s cancer was not healed.

As the Beatles told us, our magical child’s brain would like to believe that “all you need is love” and all will be healed. Lilli and her family demonstrated and attracted more love than I have ever witnessed or experienced . Bill kept a detailed and deeply candid blog sharing all the pain, suffering, joy and connection of these two years. No husband, sister, and children, could have been more supportive, involved, connected, and devoted.  Thousands of friends and caring strangers prayed for a “miracle” cure for Lilli’s cancer. Whenever I remotely tuned into her energy, all I could see and feel was white light, with Lilli’s resonant soul at the center. Nevertheless, on Friday afternoon her body exhaled it’s last breath. Does love not heal? Is death the bottom line of life? Was our Constellation of no value?

I choose to believe in a deeper conception of healing, one which incorporates and transcends the physical and biological plane. The healing that I trust in and am inspired by is the healing which occurs in the loving energy shared by sentient beings. I know that a powerful field was constellated in the process of Lilli’s and her family’s journey. I pray and trust that Lilli is at peace, out of pain, and in a place of limitless expanse and potential. I know that I and many others have been forever touched, moved, inspired, and transformed by our connection with Lilli. Through this experience, I have known the boundless web of love that delicately connects us all. I have learned that the most powerful healing is that of the heart.  Rest in peace dear Lilli and thank you and Bill for sharing your love, truth, and courage with us.