Whenever I have scheduled an upcoming Constellation Workshop, the Constellation itself begins many days before the scheduled event. It begins when I start thinking about when, where and how the next Workshop should occur. It continues when I prepare and dispatch the Newsletter which announces the Workshop theme and details. Prospective participants start considering whether this will be the time that they should attend. And so, they deliberate. Then comes the reminder and participants make a final decision. Each of us who will be there starts thinking about how it will go, what should be addressed, what is the desired outcome, wondering what will be revealed.
And when I reflect upon this process, it’s really quite miraculous! Miraculous as to not only which Family Constellations will be revealed but, in this instance, the particular constellation of participants. How does each of us connect with one another and with the group? What is our configuration? How do we impact one another? And, why, this particular day, this particular space, this particular time? Each Workshop group is unique and what is revealed on a particular day in a particular moment is also unique.
And so, I am excited! Excited about who will be there, what will be revealed, and how we will impact one another. Amongst the many, perhaps infinite Constellations of my life, I am excited about Sunday! Will you be there?