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Fireflies- A poem

Fireflies The fireflies punctuate the nighttime sky Tiny snapshots of illumination A moment of magic and then Darkness again Did I imagine this scintillac spark? A Tinkerbell flash and then a return to inky black. Minute glimpses of grace to remind me of Dare I say, Heaven? Ah, now I remember. Annie Block Pearl, July… Continue Reading

A Reflection on Sandy

New York in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy Sandy, such a benign, almost girly name for such a powerful storm. And yet, in downtown Manhattan, where I live, Sandy had a most powerful effect on thousands of lives. Some rallied together in true community to cope with the aftereffects. In my apartment building, neighbors sought… Continue Reading

A Summer Poem by Annie

The dragonflies gently take their morning sips From the still, still pool The children have relinquished their dominion Long enough for the fairy forces  to Complete  their regular repast What grace in this time, this  gift to me, to them, One must be grateful for  these small  singular Moments of divine beauty. 7/8/12 Continue Reading

Bert Hellinger speaks on Forgiveness

Forgiveness Forgiveness, which connects, is hidden and quiet. It is not spoken, but practiced. It is essentially nothing but forbearance. It overlooks a mistake, an injustice, a guilt, and forgets it. In this way, the mistake or injustice or guilt has no bad effects on the relationship. On the contrary. The relationship deepens through the… Continue Reading

Holiday Tip #1- Getting Along With Your Family

One of my favorite elements of my professional practice are the Systemic, Structural and Family Constellation Workshops which I facilitate. In these amazing groups, people come together as strangers and in a few short hours, create intimacy, trust, and profound support for one another. Participants leave with a renewed sense of connection, respect, and inclusion.… Continue Reading