2012 Blessings and Prophecies

Dearest friends,

Some of you may be familiar with the myriad prophecies that have been forecast for this tumultuous year. Many cultures and their seers and prognosticators have forecast destruction and mayhem leading up to the 2012 winter solstice. Although many of these supposed prophecies have been debunked by modern science, there still remains the incontrovertible fact that these days are quite challenging.

My practice as an integrative psychotherapist, my work in Systemic and Family Constellations, and my own personal experience, constantly bring reminders of how much we are being tested in the most vulnerable areas of our lives. Some of us are experiencing serious health challenges, others have relationship difficulties, many are suffering financial setbacks and revisions. Both nationally and globally, politics are in upheaval. Seemingly unresolvable polarities abound. The worldwide financial markets are facing restructuring. In fact, restructuring seems to be occurring on the deepest levels of our beings and our society. Our physical and metaphorical tectonic plates are shifting.

It appears to me that the issues that are presenting themselves, both personally and collectively,  are our deepest core issues. We are being called and challenged to review our most deeply held beliefs. The Buddhists tell us that “attachment” is the source of our suffering. Is this the time that we will be forced to relinquish some of these attachments? Attachments to the material things that we crave? Attachments to our fixed ideas of how others should be? Attachments to the belief in the superiority of our ways? What an exciting year we have ahead of us! I pray for our collective consciousness, that we may be receptive and welcoming to the transitions and movements that are necessitated in this coming year. Love and blessings to us all!